How Does This Happen?

Most frequently neck pain is brought on by injuries old and new. The neck is very complicated. Accidents, slips, jerks, and jolts can have an accumulative effect resulting in subluxation of the various vertebrae that hold the head up and allow it to move. Subluxation means bones out of place interfering with the nervous system.

What Can I Do To Help Myself?

Using ice is usually a good idea when neck pain is severe, or the origin is recent. Never apply ice directly to the neck. Use a wet towel between the ice and the skin. Use ice up to twenty minutes, three times daily.

Later on, hot moist heat can be helpful, particularly in cases of old injuries or stiffness deep in the neck joints. Gentle movements of the neck may also be advised. Frequent breaks from computer work to stretch can also be helpful.

It’s Still Bothering Me, Now What?

Our care of the neck is very, very safe. Gentle alignments of the various neck bones offer great relief of many neck problems. Proper alignment can be obtained through the use of instruments that help re-align the vertebrae or neck bones. This adjustment can be made by hand as well.