Specialized 30 Minute Protocols

Muscle and Ligament Injuries can be frustrating, slow and difficult to heal.  Our therapists have designed specific protocols to help heal these injuries faster.  Repeating a 30 minute injury protocol 4-6 times can cut recovery time in half.  These protocols work because they reduce swelling, promote circulation and help damaged tissue reorganize faster.  In addition, our therapists collaborate with our doctors to continue to add new skills including range-of-motion techniques, trigger point treatments, and passive mobility techniques, making your session more productive.  Specific Protocols at Wash Park Chiro include:

Upper Body   Shoulder Injury, Shoulder Impingement, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Nerve Entrapments, De Quervain Syndrom. 

Lower Body   Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome,  (Iliotibial) IT Band Syndrome, Knee Injury, Runner’s Knee, Shin Splints, Calf Strain, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Foot Pain, Ankle Sprain/Strain, Groin Strain, Hamstring Strain, Low Back Spasm, Iliopsoas Syndrome, Piriformis Syndrome, Achilles Tendonitis.

Neck and Back   Tension Headaches, Whiplash, TMJ (Jaw Pain), Sinus Congestion, Back Sprains.

Integrative 60 & 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage Protocols

Swedish Massage – Swedish massage is a light to medium pressure massage that uses long, fluid, rhythmic strokes to soothe both muscular and mental tension, reduce stress, improve circulation, and induce relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue massage is a style of bodywork that uses long, slow strokes, deep pressure, trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, and stretching to release chronic patterns of tension in the body and improve circulation, range of motion, and tension caused by inflammation, strain and stress. 

Sports Massage – Maintenance/restorative sports massage is an area-specific massage that is invigorating and includes stretching and range-of-motion techniques.  This can help with any small chronic issues that have occurred because of your activity. To read more about sports massage, read our blog!

Four-Handed Massage – Our therapists will collaborate to perform a complete, therapeutic and relaxing massage.  One hour is plenty for this stimulating session.  You may be surprised to know this, but a four-handed massage is best for those who have a hard time relaxing!  Trust us.

Prenatal Massage – Prenatal bodywork is similar to Swedish massage, with a focus on easing discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as water-retention and swelling, back aches, leg cramps and hip pain.  It improves skin’s elasticity and eases mental and physical tension.  By utilizing this Prenatal massage table, it is finally possible for the mother-to-be to relax comfortably in a face-down position during the massage. This innovative new table is the result of extensive research and development by nurse-midwives, massage therapists, and engineers.

Volcanic Stone Massage – The ultimate experience in relaxation, Hot Stone massage uses smooth, heated volcanic stones to soothe the body, release superficial muscle tension, improve circulation, and quiet the mind.  The therapist gently glides the stones over the body, uses the stones for specific work, and places the stones on the body for a truly relaxing treatment.  Hot stone massage is great for clients in chronic pain, who need a deeper massage, but may not be able to tolerate deep tissue work.  

Thai Massage – Thai massage, also known as Thai-Yoga massage, is an Eastern style of bodywork with roots in Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga, and Buddhism.  Thai massage is performed on a padded mat on the floor, with the client wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.  Thai massage uses deep stretching, gentle rocking and kneading, rhythmic compression, acupressure and energy balancing to increase flexibility, release muscular tension, and improve energy flow and range of motion.  This style of bodywork is not for pregnant women, individuals with serious heart conditions, osteoporosis or brittle bones, spinal fusions or artificial joints such as knee or hip replacements, lymphatic cancer, or hemophelia. 

Infant Massage Lessons – Infant massage is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between caregiver and child!  It strengthens baby’s immune system, stimulates and aids digestion, promotes restful sleep, increases development and does wonders for painful gas and colic.  Lessons can be arranged in groups, or as one caregiver or family member with a therapist who demonstrates and explains the techniques, while the parent or caregiver practices the massage techniques on baby.  A great experience for both parent and child! 

Shirodhara Scalp Massage – Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment where a blend of nourishing oils is poured gently over the center of the forehead, or third eye.  The oils nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair, and help to release mental tension and fatigue.  A head and scalp massage follows, leaving the client feeling balanced and grounded. 

Reflexology – Reflexology is an ancient technique that manipulates the reflex zones of the feet.  It helps restore balance to the entire body by releasing energetic blockages.  Reflexology increases the flow of energy and circulation and promotes deep relaxation.  A real treat for your feet!

Head & Foot Massage (Shirodhara & Reflexology) – Spend an hour in total bliss.  This Ayurvedic treatment combines the Eastern healing arts of Shirodhara and Reflexology to quiet the mind, calm the central nervous system, and promote inner peace and balance.

Body Polish – This treatment is the perfect addition to any massage.  An organic scrub is massaged over the body to condition, moisturize, exfoliate, soothe and smooth the skin.  The stimulating exfoliation increases circulation, assists in the detoxification of lactic acid from the muscles, and leaves the skin with a healthy glow.  The scrub is removed with hot, moist towels, which soothe the skin and relax tired muscles.  A great treatment for dry, Colorado weather! Add a 20 minute treatment to any longer session: 

Couples Massage Lessons – Relax and unwind in a calming, professional atmosphere while learning basic massage techniques with a friend, loved one, partner or family member.  Learn techniques to help ease sore muscles and release mental and physical fatigue.  Each person will have a chance to watch a demonstration, practice the techniques, and spend time on the table.  At the end of the lesson, the duo will be given a bottle of massage lotion and a mellow mixed CD to take along and continue the relaxation process at home.